Update: I lost interest in chests. I don’t want any for now. XD Thanks.

With the new chests out, people have been asking if I’m looking for them. Yes, thanks for asking!

I am accepting the Treasure of Rarities and Treasure of Cursed Wood. I want to be clear that I will not be doing a donor raffle like last month. This time, it will be just like normal, with some of the items going into my regular pool of prizes.

The special donor-only raffle was a special surprise. I believe that kind people who do things without any expectation of anything in return is awesome. They definitely deserve special surprises every now and then. =)

Please only give them to me if you don’t really want them. They look like this.

You can find me in my dpmlicious Steam Group chat.

Update! Jeff Reyes kindly gave me a Rarities chest! I haven’t opened it yet. I want more before I open them together. XD

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  1. John Q

    hey dpm. i got a lot of old and new chest thats in my keeping. you can have em all if you want.

  2. Ton

    I got one of “treasure of the cursed wood”, add me username: «km’s»


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