Earlier today, I invited people to come and watch the Bo3 match between The Spin and Kinect. North American team, The Spin, beat Kinect 2:0. The game can be watched on Blitz’s stream. He was accompanied by Mandurang to cast the game.

People won a total of 25 keys! Each key has two invites. The instructions on how to download the game and invite your friends can be found in my previous post.

Besides the six keys I gave away by posting it inside the game or in the Twitch TV chat box, here are the other winners. They have already been sent via Facebook message. Those with * next to their name need to allow  messages from strangers, so that I can send it to them. The deadline to enable it will be Dec 5 (Monday) 12 midnight +8GMT. I will check to send them to you. If they are not enabled, you forfeit the prize.

Who are the casters for this KOTH match? Blitz and Mandurang
PJay Beleno*
Andy Chung*
Dustin Jerald Pascual*

Which hero will Kinect | Godot use? Need to guess before the game starts! Chen
Max Andrews*
Alex Vo
Marley madeley

Which hero will Universe use? Need to guess before the game starts! Enigma
Alexandar Cvetkovski*
Popoy Cook
Andrey A. Christian

Which lane will Kinect | tYranEE go to? TOP / MID / BOTTOM / JUNGLE? Bottom
Christian Masi
Paul Rivera
Edril Racelis*

Which lane will Donkey_Jay go to? TOP / MID / BOTTOM / JUNGLE? Bottom
Paul Rivera
Hayden Lucrizo
Aedon Castaldi*

If I were playing in that game, which of those ten heroes would I be playing? Crystal Maiden
Joshua Jenkins

What time will the game finish? Closest answers win. 36 mins and 31s
Joshua Melencio
Hayden Hatch*
Alexei Minakonich

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  1. Alexandar Cvetkovski

    Does this mean i didnt get the beta key DPM ? oh my god… so close 🙁


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