Want this poster? It has all 90 heroes available for selection at The International this year. I will send this poster with a personal message to the winner from myself! It is one of the many things I personally bought to bring TI to you at home! Open to anyone, anywhere I can mail it to. How to get a chance to win it?

1. Answer this question: Which Dota 2 hero would you use the most if you were competing in The International and why?
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Be quick because I will be picking a winner and mailing it out before my US-HK flight this Wednesday afternoon. Make sure I can contact you via Facebook, Twitter or email (if you entered via blog comment). Don’t spam. 😛

Good luck and have fun! <3

136 Responses

  1. Alex Divina

    I would choose Pudge, I have confidence both in my hooking abilities and teammates. Though I only have one disable, as the aforementioned “confidence in teammates”, that could/should be enough to stem the tide, victory for my team.

  2. Christian Alguera

    I would use Ancient Apparition because is a versatile hero also AA can play solo lane or trilane with many heroes and can be globally present because his ultimate skill can get the kill

  3. Clyde


  4. Russell Hatch

    I would use Vengeful Spirit. Even though she wasn’t used a lot during the tournament, I feel that her role as a support player would have been beneficial. She has a great ranged stun, a minus armor that gives great vision when scouting for Roshan etc. Her plus damage aura for the whole team, and especially her ult. I’m sure there were many times where a Vengeful Spirit Swap would have been game changing in the International 2. LightOfHeaven Enigma comes to mind 🙂

    Thanks DPM for a chance to be a part of the games even from afar!

  5. Juan Carlo Dizon

    I would pick Dark Seer, back in our team i usually play the initiator role and he is really good at it. Plus he is really a first pick material. 🙂

  6. Colton A.

    I would definitely pick Pudge, he is not a normal pick for competitive play, but his picks in tournaments are always legendary and he is one of te best snowballheroes out there.

    But if the game was serious (If losing meant we were out of the tournament), I would probably choose Crystal Maiden, and go Aghanims/BKB. Unstoppable.

  7. Adam Abdul Razak

    I would use Windrunner the most, as she is very elegant and versatile. She has strong capabilities in the mid solo role and a support on in a trilane, and a very efficient solo on the hard lane. Her presence in a game is also fearsome and game changing. Whether it be a long ranged powershot that cripples and kills her fleeing foes, her shackle shot that can change the tide of the battle in her favour when it latches two heroes together, focus fire to quickly take down towers, or her enemies quickly, or windrun, to quickly escape from annihilation. This hero, in my hands, will put the likes of Vigoss, Dendi, LighTofHeaven and many others to shame, making my team the dominating force in the International, allowing us to take the prize money, and be crowned the champions of the world.

  8. CannibalGoo

    Disruptor because most people don’t realize the importance of Thrall. He is useful because:
    1)The positioning havoc it causes because of glimpse.
    2)The combo of Silence and Kinetic Field.
    3)Kinetic field can lock the team/a single player in a gank.
    4)He can help me win a TI poster.

  9. Karl Ajihil

    Tidehunter. He’s the best. can carry. can support. can escape. can help. ALL!

  10. Andrew Briones

    If I would be competing in The International,I would definitely use Chen “Holy Knight”.Why? I play support in my team.Chen may not have any stun or hold but his ‘Holy Persuasion’ is way more better than any disable.Holy Persuasion sends an ally back to base safely,which is very useful when you see that your ally is being pounded by the other team.This,not only saves your ally but also gives your team advantage on gold and exp (not dying too much)and avoid being gaped.Another thing good with Chen is his ultimate.We all know how supportive his ulti is,Hand of God is very useful specially when you are set by the opposing force (e.g Requiem by SF ).

  11. Suleman Anwer

    Invoker. Simply because he is the most versatile hero in the game and can perform various roles as a solo mid depending on the situation.

  12. Jerome Liwag Sundiam

    if not be ban. i would rather use lycan. too tanky and can jungle for fast farm. just get a BKB and can tank and kill all the support that are really annoying in the clash. hes too fast and got a lot of HP. perfect tank with the instinct of a killer !

  13. Zeeshan Shafi

    Lich. Being a support player myself I absolutely love lich, his great burst damage potential makes him a very useful support hero throughout the game. Unfortunately the current meta has no place for him but I’m sure I could think of a legit strat if I was in International.

  14. Pedro

    i would pick Rubick to steal ultimates and help on Team Fights. Maybe i can play like a Dendi plays with rubick, not is impossible. THX

  15. Jack

    Tinker all the way for me. Bouncing around the map, dodging ganks, and keeping the enemy base pressured. Doesn’t get much more exciting in my opinion!

  16. James

    I would use Rubick because there is nothing better than using an opponent’s skills against him, especially Ultimates as Dendi showed. Also because it would be fun trying to throw people onto cliffs! 🙂

  17. Shunt19

    I would play venomancer, he’s an all around great support and I don’t feel confident enough with any carries, but I play a mean support!

  18. dw

    What gets people by surprise is what win you games (the major reason iG won was the unpredictability of their picks). Once you start playing with a strategy that your opponent is not used to, the chances of winning increase by a decent ammount. Because of that I’d say alchemist is my TI hero. I think he’s flexible: great stun for ganks and the ability to catch up in farm quickly with his Greed ability.

  19. medwins

    for me the best pick is enigma, because he will very useful in teamfight and gank and also he can going to jungle at early games which make the team can boost the experience more faster… (sorry for my bad english)

  20. Francis

    Broodmother coz she has the most number of legs. As what Bruno said, the chance of winnning is directly proportional to the number of legs on your team =D

  21. Afiat Shafie

    I would choose Invoker because he is suitable for any situations. Sometimes in dota, everything doesn’t go like you want to. With Invoker, you actually can adjust your skills to the best for the current situation either you are going to push, defense or gank. Definitely a good hero for international.

  22. Desmond

    i will choose Furion , the prohpet because he can play either support or semi-carry . He is also a great pusher that can take down towers and barracks with the help of treats 😀

  23. Jay Em

    Nevermore, Becoause He can dmg more to the enemys and his Ulti can nuke all heroes. actually nevermore is perfect to use on damaging enemies, farm. He can carry games too. But The Problem Nevermore is too soft. He Is Perfect to use for damaging.

  24. Doni

    PUCK, best support hero I ever used to.
    silence skill, escape skill, and awesome ultimate skill make this hero kind of problem for the enemy.

  25. Gnobb

    It would depend on my team, but I would never ever pick an hero who uses her/his legs. Everyone knows , the more legs you have the worse your team is 🙂
    So I would go morphling or enigma, those heroes are strong, and the most fun to play 🙂

  26. roxel mendoza

    I will use rubick, because this hero can cast skill more than 1. Example: ravage..if the enemy has tidehunter and will have a clash..rubick can micro tide and after ravage I can steal tidehunters SS..and I can set a clash..

  27. Karl Chua

    I’d choose Invoker. He is one of the most versatile heroes in Dota and the number of ways to help allies are endless. From slowing them with Kronyx’s wall to disappearing with Mirald’s Hinderghast. It takes an extremely good team to take down a good Invoker.


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