20 Prizes for October 5-10

Dota 2 in-game items I gave out over five days!

Quick update on my giveaways! Between October 5-10, I have given items on my stream, the Alienware ANZ stream and Luminous’s stream.

Because the winner of the Twitch TV + Surprise Dota 2 T-Shirt did not reply by the deadline, those prizes went back into the pool and I’ve already selected winners for them!

Prizes went to these lucky people! Along with the prizes since I started, they will be mailed today, going to pop out to the post office right after I post this. All prizes are out of my own pocket, except for the awesome Twitch TV pack.Strange items count the number of kills you get while using the item.

Dota 2 Frull T-Shirt – HKgxsamus
Twitch TV Sticker + Pin Pack – Chrismalolos
Tickled Tegu – bodebodebode
Juggernaut Strange Relic Blade of Kuur-Ishiminari – Nioubis
Axe Strange Berserker’s Helm – Gyzack
Prophet Strange Diadem of the Goddess Enthroned – cman2006
Witch Doctor Strange Horn Mask – iluvchocolate
Witch Doctor Strange Demon Skull Staff X 2 – Melvith, Waklu2
Tidehunter Strange Excavtaor’s Treasure X 3 – Tsuichong, R_Luthica and someone whose name I didn’t jot down.
Tidehunter Strange Swamp Fins – raislash
Tidehunter Strange Pirate Slayer’s Black Flag – N0rmz09
Tidehunter Strange Octopus Hat – ip_man69
Tidehunter Pirate Slayer’s Tricon – xdirtypanda
Battle Bonus (3 Days) X 4 – Noobz0idz, Mnstrwow, Glet_qq, Koruny

Stay tuned for a fun mini contest for a Dota 2 T-Shirt within a few hours! It’s easy and a bunch of laughs!



  1. PlainGravy says:

    bodebodebode hacked for that tickled tengu!!!

  2. dpmlicious says:

    LOL. He didn’t. Just was super lucky. XD

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