This morning, I invited people to come and watch NADOTA’s Sunday Evening Cup Series Semi-Final between Fabio and Kinect. Fabio won and moved onto the Final. 10 DOTA 2 Beta Keys were up for grabs. Then I decided to give another two!

I gave two keys in-game and here are the winners of the other ten keys:

For Beta keys 2 & 3: What will Kinect | tYranEE’s KILLS/DEATHS/ASSISTS be? Need to guess before the game ends (obviously :P) 12 |4 |4
Bruno Ferreira ‎
Harvey Villostas ‎
(Based on the closest answers from left to right. Someone had the same answer as Harvey but answered later.)

For Beta Keys 4 & 5: What will be the final kills score (Radiant : Dire)? 49: 22
Eson Eduard Caranza
Matthew Mok
(Considered the closest answer and kill-death difference.)

For Beta keys 6 & 7: What will brax’s KILLS|DEATHS|ASSISTS be? 7 | 8 | 21
Barbz Baisas*
Jean Mabale

For Beta Keys 9 & 10 (Gave out #8 in the stream): What will be ted3’s cs (kills: denies)? 342 11
Mio Akiyama
Derby Chan ‎

For Beta Keys 11 & 12 (Yes, because I decided to give more than 10! LOL): What will Kinect | Godot’s level be when the game ends? 16
Joshua Edaño ‎*
David Johnson ‎*

Those with * next to their name need to enable messages from strangers, so that I can send it to them. The deadline to enable it will be Dec 6 (Tuesday) 12 midnight +8GMT. I will check to send them to you after that deadline. If they are not enabled, you forfeit the prize.

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